Linux Commercial HOW-TO Linux
Linux Manual Pages command references
Linux Software Map database of Linux packages
Apache HTTP Server a PD server for UNIX and Linux
Bru Backup and Restore Utility
Generic NQS batch processing system
Genscript replacement for enscript converts ASCII to PostScript
Latch by Craftworks. a secure remote access program
SAMBA suite to allow clients to access Unix filespace and printers
Sniffit a Linux packet sniffer
SuperScheduler UNIX job scheduling system
Tcsh Cornell 6.05.00 reference for the tcsh shell
TimeTracker an X-windows timekeeper
UUdeview uuencoder and decoder for MIME, Base64 and xxencode
WN Server server designed for security and flexibility
XUser modify user-info from an interactive X shell
Xwatch a log file monitor for sysadmins
Caldera Network Desktop, Preview II desktop manager and network tools
Freedom Desktop for Motif GUI desktop manager with Linux version
FVWM HomePage the standard Linux X Window manager
GWM the X11 Generic Window Manager
tkgoodstuff an X program and resource manager written in Tcl/tk
Glimpse indexing and query system for searches across entire file systems
Midnight Commander a Linux Commander with tar and ftp file manipulation
Midnight Commander User's Guide
DBIX multi-user SQL database server
Empress for Linux Personal Edition single-user Data Management software
JustLogic/SQL Database Manager database manager with client / server
SS-File Database Manager a flat-file database manager program for Linux
Wingz Spreadsheet a Linux port of the NEXT and Mac spreadsheet
Xess full-featured X based spreadsheet
Andrew applications suite and messaging system
Cicero WYSIWYG word processor based on Motif libraries
Ghostview / Ghostscript postscript interpreter and viewer
LaTeX a portable typesetting and document preparation system
Linuxdoc-SGML text-formatting package based on SGML
LyX a WYSIWYG word-processor front-end for LaTeX
xtem_TeXMenu graphical user interface for Tex/LaTeX
Xword word processor with multi-format compatability
Astronomical Software on Linux applications for astronomers
Gnuplot scientific plotting utility
Khoros system for image and signal processing and data exploration
Maple V interactive software for doing symbolic and numeric calculations
Mathematica for LINUX mathematical analysis and equation solver
MathSpad editing tool for writing mathematically oriented documents
MATCOM Matlab to C++ translator and a matrix class library
MATLAB technical environment for numeric computation and visualization
MuPAD a general purpose computer algebra system
SEDIT a Linux port of the SEDIT editor
SlickEdit configurable programmers editor from MicroEdge
XEmacs -- Emacs for X
Arena an HTML 3.0 test-bed browser
Chimera Browser
Lynx Users Guide v2.3 text-based browser
NCSA Mosaic for X
Netscape Navigator for Linux
LaTeX2HTML convert LaTeX documents to HTML
Elm ELectronic Mail for Linux and UNIX
Exmh X based e-mail program
Ishmail a commercial X based mail program
ML a mail program for X and IMAP
Pine Information Center - Linux and UNIX mail program (featuring PICO)
TkMail v2.0 an X Window Mail Reader using Tcl/tk
XF-Mail X based mail program
Knews threaded x-based news reader
SLiRP TCP/IP emulator allows dial-ups to act like SLIP/PPP
Zircon an X11 based IRC client
Anthony's Icon Library xpm's and xbm's for Linux and X
ImageMagick an X11 image processing and display package
Tgif Xlib based interactive 2-D drawing tool for X11
XAnim multi-format animation player
XV the ubiquitous graphics util by John Bradley
XVScan Image Aquisition for Linux
JAZZ midi sequencer for Linux/X
Xfmix xforms based audio mixer for Linux/X11R6
Accelerated-X a commercial X server from X Inside

Metro-X Metro Link's commercial X servers
awk special-purpose programming language for data reformatting
BETA System language for procedural and functional programming by Mjolner
Fortran 90 ISO and ANSI standard Fortran 90 compiler and libraries by NAG
Modula-2 Gardens Point Modula Users Guide and Linux release notes
Modula-3 for Linux Modula-3
Oberon Gardens Point Oberon Users Guide and Linux release notes
Python object-oriented scripting language
S/REXX Port of IBM's REXX language to Linux
Tcl/tk scripting language and graphical user interface toolkit
XBasic 32-bit BASIC compiler and program development environment
ANGOSS Smartware PLUS cross-platform application development suite
DIOSS X/Motif app development without X/Motif
FELICS licence server for software developers
Insure++ comprehensive tool for error detection in C/C++ programs
LessTif Hungry Programmers' version of OSF/Motif
LXB X/Motif interactive graphical user interface builder
MrEd GUI development environment using wxWindows within a Scheme implementation
Motif 2.0.0 for Linux commercial Motif libraries from MetroLink
Object Access re-usable library routines
OpenGL 2D and 3D graphics apps development environment from MetroLink
POSIX and DCE Threads multithreading libraries based on POSIX.
Qt toolkit object-oriented framework to develop GUI applications
Schemacode Schema based knowledge editor for program implementation
TowerEIFFEL software development system
TWIN/XPDK for UNIX develop and/or deploy Windows API apps cross platform
VBIX run Visual Basic programs on Unix with Motif look
VCG Visualization of Compiler Graphs reads specification and visualizes graph
WINTERP 2.0 a rapid prototyping environment for GUI-based apps
WM_MOTIF Lite MS Windows API user interface functions on Motif
wxPython write portable Python programs with a GUI, good for rapid prototyping
wxWindows toolkit for developing multi-platform, graphical applications
XForms a GUI toolkit based on Xlib for X Window Systems
XRT Widgets widgets for Motif developers
Executor commercial Macintosh emulator by ARDI
WINE alpha level Windows emulator